Tension Springs

Tension Springs – Specification Form
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We manufacture a wide range of tension springs to customers individual requirements and keep a large selection of raw materials in stock.

Supply us with a drawing or send us a sample spring or enter the appropriate details on our specification form and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.


Wire Size 0.15mm –  8.00mm
Material Spring steel, stainless steel, galvanized wire, silicon chrome, phosphor bronze
Ends There is a large variety of end types that can be put on a tension spring including: machine loops; extended loops; double loops; tapers; threaded inserts; hooks or eyes at various positions; extended hooks
Finishes A wide range of finishes are available some of which include the following: Zinc/colour passivates, nickel plate, black oxide, silver/gold, powder coat/painted finishes.
Quanities     We can produce large quantities efficiently using mechanical and modern computer aided machines but we have the facility to make small quantites of prototypes and samples to customer specifications.

To make an enquiry please complete form below:

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